Learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum and other resources outside of a traditional classroom.
In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online or blended with the traditional course delivery. Unilus E – Learning portal has been implemented using Moodle, an open source online Learning Management System (LMS), which enables Lecturers to create dynamic courses that, extend learning, anytime, anywhere.
The heart of Moodle is courses that contain activities and resources.

Advantages Of eLearning

Logging in

The Platform can be accessed from main Web site or directly go to the follwoing http//wwww.elearning.unilus.ac.zm/unilus_lms/ All you will need is your Student Number and Password (e.g. LLB19112345) and your password. If you have forgotten your password, reset your student portal password, Automatically your E-Learning Password will be updated as well

Activities explained

• Assignments: you can use this button to submit your work.

• Forum Discussions: Lecturers may encourage you to ask questions about the module using the ‘Forum’ area. This is a great resource because it means others on your course will be able to learn from responses and questions posted in the group. It is also a great resource to share information about the module.

• Choices: your lecturers may ask you to vote or make choices about options for your course for example meeting times for projects. Just click the choices button and vote. This button may not be available for all courses.

• Resources: here you will find required reading, links quizzes, journal articles and lecture notes.