University of Lusaka
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GBS700AA:Quantitative Research Methods  (3/4)
(Mon - Tue)
(L) PG098:Dr Muchindu W1 (3/4)
  • Mon [13:00-14:00]   (1)
  • Tue [11:00-12:00]...[12:00-13:00]   (2)
  • (P) PG_RMGT3:Master of Sciencs in Risk Mgt. 3
    (P) PG_PROC3:Master of Sciencs in Procurement & Supply Chain Management Stage 3
    (P) PG_PM3:Master Of Science Project Management Stage 3
    (P) PG_MScEM3:Master of Science in Environmental Management Stage 3
    (P) PG_MKT3:Master of Science in Marketing Management Stage 3
    (P) PG_MBAHC3:Master of Business Administration - Health Care Management Stage 3
    (P) PG_MBABFIN3:Master of Business Administration In Banking & Finance Stage 3
    (P) PG_MBA-GEN3:Master of Business Administration Stage 3
    (P) PG_LTM3:Master of Science in Logistics & Transport3
    (P) PG_MBA-FIN3:Master Of Business Administration In Finance Stage 3
    (P) PG_IPM3:Master of Science in Insurance & Pensions Mgt3
    (P) PG_ECF3:Master Of Science Economics and Finance Stage 3
    (P) PG_AUDIT3:Master of Science in Auditing Stage 3
    (P) PG_PFT3:Master of Science in Public Finance & Taxation3
    (P) PG_AFIN3:Master of Science in Accounting & Finance Stage 3

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