University of Lusaka
2nd semester 2022 physical.mfw  

ECF110B. #75:Introduction to Macroeconomics GROUP B#75  (4/8)
(Wed - Fri)
(P) BSM12:Bachelor of Science Marketing 1st Yr 2nd Semester Wed [14:00-15:00]...[15:00-16:00]   (2)
Fri [10:00-11:00]...[11:00-12:00]   (2)
(P) AFIN12:Bachelor of Science Accounting & Finance 1st Yr 2nd Semester
(L) B002:Mrs Rabecca Hatoongo Masenke
(P) BITED22:Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology with Education 2nd Yr 2nd Semester
(R) RM02#99:Lecture Room Pioneer Campus #99
(P) BACT12:Bachelor of Science In Actuarial Science 1st Yr 2nd Semester

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