The office of the Student Affairs takes care of all non-Academic Affairs of the students. Some of the areas the department covers are; accommodation, sports and recreation, social counselling and mitigation. When the issue involves medical situation, the department would quickly refer the student to the hospital where the experts could take charge.

The department takes part in the orientation of new students so that from the beginning, the students know that the office is there to help them get a better environment for studies while they are at the university. The same office deals with student discipline cases in conjunction with any other department that might be concerned with the particular issue.

It is therefore important that whenever a student fails to attend a lecture or fails to meet a dead line of the assignment due to a very good reason, like serious illness or death of a close relative, for the student to inform the student counsellor about his or her predicament.

The department also conducts an observation of students mannerism when the lecturers monitor the attendance and behaviour of the students enrolled in their classes. If and when they notice a problem that may need intervention from the student affairs, they inform the department and the various cases are sorted out systematically.

Some of the services rendered in this area include, but not restricted to the following:


The University does not have hostel accommodation. Students make their own arrangements with boarding houses scattered around the city. Application and enquiries for accommodation may be made through the Student Affairs Officer. However, the University will be constructing its main campus that will have all facilities that a modern university ought to have.

Debate Society

UNILUS’s Debate Society has already firmly established itself as a force to reckon with among the “top cream” of Zambia’s Tertiary Institutions as evidenced from our commendable record of performance so far. Recently, we gracefully emerged the final second best in the National Debate in commemoration of the Youth Day organised by the government under the auspices of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development held at Lusaka’s National Museum on the 9th day of March, 2010. The completion was fully contested and attended by all major institutions of Higher Learning, both public and private Universities as well as Colleges, across the country to the total of more than ten (10) institutions in participation.

Sports and Physical Recreation

UNILUS is in the process of procuring and setting up a modern and state-of-the-art sporting and recreational facilities for both indoor and outdoor physical activities. The newly acquired University premises, already under construction plans, has a vast space reserved for sports ground with envisaged provision for soccer, basketball, badminton, netball, tennis, volleyball, rugby and athletics. The Sports Hall caters for recreation and major indoor activities. Health- related fitness activities and personalised training programmes are to be conducted once the plan is executed. Other clubs under consideration include chess, judo and karate. As UNILUS, our target is to have our teams participating and ranking among the best not only in Zambia but also in the International and/or World University Games.

Career Guidance and Placement Service

The role of the Career Guidance Unit is to establish and maintain contact between the University and the industry. It is through this unit that students are placed on industrial attachment and vocational employment.

Counselling Service

The counselling Centre offers emotional support to students with social and psychological problems. With the help of schools, students with varying problems are identified and referred to the centre. Counselling and advice are offered under the strictest confidence.