School of Law

The School of Law is one of the leading and innovative Law schools in Zambia and its major aims are to provide quality education tailor made to suit the demands of the market and to give its students an education that prepares them for successful careers in legal practice and work in various sectors of society at the national, regional and international level. The school of Law offers programmes that are tailor-made to meet the needs of the legal profession and aims to meet the growing demand and challenges faced by the profession both in public and private sectors, and national and international levels. The programs incorporate traditional law that every student ought to learn as well as contemporary and emerging issues that lawyers are bound to meet in the competitive world of business of the 21st Century. The School of Law has a diverse, dedicated, and competent faculty whose expertise covers a wide array of legal subjects and has over twenty dedicated academic lecturers both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It has recently established the Centre for Commercial Law, whose objective is to provide legal support to the commercial sector. The School is poised to meet the challenges of the legal profession today and in the future by educating not only the young generation of people, but also those from the corporate world and the public government sector through its dynamic and diverse programs and scheduling. The School teaches students to think “outside the book” and the composition of the body of current student is testimony to this statement as it is the second largest school at the University of Lusaka.