School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Public Health which is a market - and needs - driven program with the objective of responding to the demand of stakeholders. The programme focuses on the 'whole' in terms of public health competencies and pedagogy to satisfy the urgent needs for multifaceted public health training in Zambia and beyond. It is a combination of sciences and skills directed at the maintenance and improvement of the health of people. It focuses on prevention for the population and geared towards health equity and encouraging multi- and Trans - disciplinary approaches especially those involving natural/health sciences and economic/social sciences. The programme aims to develop health practitioners who will be fully equipped in both social and scientific approaches to promote the health of humankind through evidence based practices and interventions that prevent and control disease, injury and disability in a fast changing world order. The School Bachelor of Science degree is accredited by the Health Professions Council of Zambia.

This is the sole indigenous school in Zambia offering Public Health at undergraduate level and runs for four year duration. The University has independent external expert examiners for quality assurance. The programme is offered in three modes of learning; full time, part time and distance learning. Upon completion, graduates of the public health programme are expected to become accomplished administrators, managers and implementers of programmes and projects. Due to their versatility and problem solving skills, they are well equipped to be employed in many settings such as hospitals and clinics, international agencies, pharmaceutical and hospital supply firms, central and local government ministries, colleges and universities, consulting firms as Hospital/Managed Care Administrators, Program Evaluation and Planning officers.