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GBS700A:Quantitative Research Methods  (1/1)
(16/5/22 - 20/5/22)
(G) MSCACT3:Masters of Science in Actuarial Science Stage 3 WEEK2 [16/5/22...20/5/22] (1/1)
  • Wed    (1)
  • (G) MRM3:Master of Science Risk Management Stage 3
    (G) MSCPM3:Master of Science Project Management Stage 3
    (G) MSCPLSM3:Master of Science- Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Stage 3
    (G) MPFT3:Master of Science in Public Finance and Taxation Stage 3
    (G) MSCECF3:Master of Science Economics and Finance Stage 3
    (G) MBAHCM3:Master of Business Administration- Health Care Management Stage 3
    (G) MBAGEN3:Master of Business Administration General Stage 3
    (G) MBAFIN3:Master of Business Administration in Finance Stage 3
    (G) MBABF3:Master of Business Administration- Banking and Finance Stage 3
    (G) MSCA3:Master of Science in Auditing Stage 3
    (G) MSCAFIN3:Master of Science in Accounting & Finance Stage 3
    (G) MLTM3:Masters of Science- Logistics and Transport Management Stage 3
    (G) MIPM3:Master of Science in Insurance and Pensions Management Stage 3
    SH:Sports Hall- Silverest Campus (R)

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