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Risk and Compliance Management programme Graduation

After a successful training and consultancy under the Postgraduate, Research, Innovation, Consultancy & Development (PRICED). On 31st May 2016, the University of Lusaka (UNILUS) witnessed the Graduation of its first crop of students under the Risk and Compliance Management programme. The first Graduates where employees from various departments of the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and were awarded with Professional Certificates in Risk and Compliance Management. This momentous event was held at the University of Lusaka Pioneer Campus and was graced by the Commissioner of the Zambia Revenue authority and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lusaka. Congratulations on the Successful Completion of the Programme!! Read More


Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) Contract Management & Administration Training Workshop held at the University of Lusaka Pioneer Campus from 11th to 15th April, 2016. Read More


University of Lusaka has been cited as one of the success stories of entities that have benefited from the Citizens Economics Empowerment Commission (CEEC) funding. CEEC Director for credit control and risk management Nchimunya Monde said the private learning institution, which accessed an empowerment business loan of K2 million in 2010, has expanded and is contributing to the advancement of higher education in Zambia. “The University of Lusaka is an excellent example of what CEEC has achieved over the years. There is definitely a huge difference to what UNILUS was in 2010 and to what it is today,” Mr Monde said in an interview yesterday. He said the development has also contributed to job creation in line with the CEEC objectives and is contributing to the treasury. “The government has also benefited from the University through corporate and employment tax that the institution pays through Zambia Revenue Authority. Further the University has contributed to improved incomes to students who have obtained various qualifications and these students earn incomes which they use to improve their livelihood,” he said. The University has also managed to repay its loan in record time of three years instead of five years demonstrating credit-worthiness. He said the commission remains committed to supporting enterprises that will contribute to the social economic development of the country.


The University of Lusaka has introduced an EXECUTIVE MBA IN LEADERSHIP AND WEALTH CREATION.More Details


UNILUS introduces a new bus route at a discounted fee More Details

CIMA Exemptions for UNILUS students

Following the accreditation of our Bachelor of Science in Accountancy by CIMA Global, our graduates will enjoy the following exemptions upon successful completion of the degree: More Details


Enrolment for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies January 2015 is under way, do not get left out. Apply Now!
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New Programmes

Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science.
University of Lusaka (UNILUS) has introduced the Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (BSc. ACTS). UNILUS has decided to introduce this degree programme because of the shortage of qualified Actuaries in Zambia and that insurance firms and pension funds have to source the services of Actuaries outside Zambia. All specialized courses will be taught by Academicians and Experts in the respective fields from countries that have been running these programs until such time that we will develop our own expertise. Actuarial Science is the intersection between risk and money. This is a branch of Science that uses Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Financial knowledge to model and manage future uncertainty in Financial, Pension and Insurance industries. Particularly, insurance firms, pension and benefit firms, financial institutions and other similar organizations require the services of Actuaries in pricing products, and assessing risk of certain events occurring and to formulate policies that minimize the cost of that risk. Using their broad knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Finance, and Business, Actuaries help design insurance policies, pension plans, and other financial strategies in a manner which will help ensure that the plans are maintained on a sound financial basis. For programme information. Read More

Master Of Arts In Development Studies
The University of Lusaka has introduced the Master of Arts in Development Studies (MA.DS). With a view of revolutionizing application of development theories to accentuate developmental change in developing countries, the programme follows the experiential training format of applied theory on development. The programme aims at developing participants to be grounded in theory and practice of social-economic and management sciences. The course draws on experiences and lessons learnt from both developed and developing nations in other regions of the world. The programme is interdisciplinary in nature, focusing on development management, poverty reduction and human development. Read more

Masters of Arts in Educational Administration and Management.
The University of Lusaka has introduced the Masters of Arts in Educational Administration and Management program (MAEd. EAM). It is a two year programme which is designed to prepare aspiring individuals for challenging and productive roles as campus-level and central office-level administrators in Zambian public and private schools, colleges and universities through quality educational experiences that stimulate and encourage intellectual, personal, and professional growth and a strong commitment to education and those served.

Students in the M.Ed. program advance to candidacy for the degree based upon satisfactory completion of all prescribed coursework, and satisfactory completion of all program requirements. To earn the degree, students must also have a satisfactory grade on each of the two sections of a continuous assessment and comprehensive end of semester examinations Read more

Master of Public Health.
The University of Lusaka has introduced the Master of Public Health. The programme strategic goal is to develop health practitioners who will be fully equipped in both social and scientific approaches to promote the health of humankind through evidence based practice and interventions that prevent and control disease, injury and disability in a fast changing world order. Specifically the program is designed to ultimately to equip students with public health knowledge; identify potential risk factors and causes of ill health in populations; develop strategies for health promotion to prevent and control ill health; utilize a wide variety of approaches and skills to maintain health; disseminate public health services among the population. It is hoped that through this strategic action, the institution will in turn increase the number of trained public health professionals in Zambia who are able to effectively combat key public health challenges Read more

Master of Science in Environmental Management.
The University of Lusaka has introduced the Masters of Science in Environmental Management. The MSc.EM degree provides graduates with a range of skills, knowledge and expertise in the field of environmental management. This Environmental Management course will allow students to specialise in industrial environment, natural environment, geo-information systems or law and policy. Whichever route is selected there is a choice from a tailored selection of modules. Read more