Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I study at the University of Lusaka?

There are many advantages of studying at Unilus and some of them include:

  • The University has ultra-modern campus with cutting edge training facilities
  • UNILUS draws training staff with experience from Public sector, Private and academia
  • Students are challenged and encouraged to think in new and creative ways i.e. outside the book
  • We foster personal growth and development
  • Intensive academic programmes with practical applications

2. What programmes do you offer at UNILUS?

University of Lusaka has various Degree programmes at Undergraduate (Bachelors) and Postgraduate levels (Masters, DBA and PhD programmes) Click here to view all current programmes

3. How many intakes do you have?

The university has two (2) intakes i.e. January and June intakes

4. How long do your undergraduate (Degree) Programmes take?

4 years

5. How long do your Masters Degree Programmes take?

18 months

6. What are the entry requirements for a Bachelors degree programme?

Five (5) “O” level credits or better which must include English Language and Mathematics

7. What are the entry requirements for a Master’s degree programme?

Applicants must have a 1st degree in a relevant field from a recognized University or full ACCA or CIMA. Applicants of Master of Laws must be holders of a Bachelor of Laws degree from a recognised University.

8. What are the entry requirements for a DBA or PhD degree programme?

Applicants must be holders of Master’s degree or any other related programs from a recognized University. Practitioner Experience: Applicants must have management experience of at least three years pre – or – post Masters.

9. Are there any exemptions for Masters Degree programmes?

We do not offer exemptions for first time Masters Applicants. However if you were currently studying or undertaking a master’s degree at another recognized university and want to complete it from unilus, you can be exempted on course basis.

10. Can I apply online?

Currently you can not apply online

11. What happens if I do not sit for my exams? Can I defer an exam if I missed it?

12. Do you offer exemptions for those who have Diplomas?

Yes we do, however we only give exemptions on course basis. You would have to apply for exemptions by writing to the registrar and attaching a copy of your transcript.

13. Do you offer long distance programmes?

Yes we do. All degree programmes from the various schools can be undertaken through distance learning.

14. Do you have a payment plan for tuition fees?

Yes, we have a payment plan (part payment). Part payment will only be accepted upon full payment of registration and library fees and 50% down payment on tuition and signing of credit agreement form.

15. How much is the late registration fee? And how does it apply?

The late registration fee is K100 kwacha for every week that passes by after the general registration period has ended. It applies to all students wishing to register after the official registration dates.

16. Do you offer accommodation to students?

The University does not provide accommodation currently however, there are many boarding houses which are privately operated and reasonably priced within easy reach of UNILUS. The fees range from K500 to K1200 per month and some of their contact details are: Liberty Living: 5559/A Kaleya Road Kalundu | Tel: 293040 /0977 775330 /0976 519133 |Email: |
Mrs. Victoria Kalima Chibwe: Plot 35384 near UNILUS, after ZAF gate | Tel: +260977 636853 / +260977 475655
Mrs. Ngosa: Off Addis Ababa Rd. opposite Mosque | Tel: +260976 876570
Mr. Mwamba Chanda: Helen Kaunda | Tel: +260977 746029/+260975 871143
Long acres Lodge: Opposite Engen Filling Station Long acres | Tel: +260254847

17. Do you offer scholarships?

Currently we do not offer scholarships or Bursary

18. How long is a semester?

5 months

19. What is your swift code for the Bank?

Our Full Banking Details are as follows:
Bank: Barclays Bank Zambia Plc
Acc Name: University of Lusaka | Acc No: 1071643
Branch Code: 001 | Branch: Head Office
Swift Code: BARC-ZM-LX | Sort Code: 02-00-01
Bank: Barclays Bank Zambia
Branch: Long acres
Acc Name: University of Lusaka
Acc Number: 017-1108039
Swift Code: BARCZMLX
Bank: Access Bank Zambia
Branch: Cairo Road
Acc Name: University of Lusaka
Acc Number: 0010221013161
Swift Code: AZAMZMLU

20. Do you have future plans of building students hostels?

Yes, we are currently in the process of commencing the building of our campus in Silverest, Lusaka Zambia which will have all ultra modern facilities which include student hostels

21. Is your University well recognised?

Yes it is very well recognized and we have International membership with the following;
-Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
-Association of African Universities (AAU)
-Southern African-Nordic Centre (SANORD)
-Association of African Business Schools (AABS)
-African Council for Distance Education
Furthermore, UNILUS has MoU’s with various institutions and professional bodies which include; UNZA, CBU, ZICA, EAZ, ZIHRM, ZIPS, ZIM, NCC, ZAF, BOZ, MEFMI

22. Does ZIALE accept student from UNILUS?

Yes ZIALE accepts unilus graduates from the School of LAW

23. How long has the University been in existence?

Since 2007

24. How long does a Master’s programme take?

18 Months

25. When do you do the dissertation for the Master’s programmes?

In Stage Four / 4th Semester of the programme

26. What are the entry requirements for a Master’s programme?

Applicants must have a 1st degree in a relevant field from a recognized University or full ACCA or CIMA. However, applicants of Master of Laws must be holders of a Bachelor of Laws degree from a recognised University.

27. How much are the fees for undergraduate programmes?

Click here to view all current tuition fees under specific studies

28. How much are the fees for Postgraduate programmes?

Click here to view all current tuition fees under specific studies:

29. Where do I get help with my academic work at UNILUS?

Consult your school head of departments or course coordinators

30. Can I register online?

Currently you cannot register online

31. Who can help me choose the best curriculum for my degree?

The academic office at the university handles all academic queries

32. Where do I get the application forms?

You can download the application forms from the website or they can be collected in hard copy from the reception at the pioneer campus.

33. Where can students hand in their completed application forms?

The completed form is submitted at the Unilus Pioneer Campus, the application procedure is at the back of the application form.

34. Can I get a refund if I do not attend classes for the semester I registered for?

Visit the academic office as circumstances differ for which a decision could be considered

35. Is the UNILUS library accessible even during the weekends?

Yes it is accessible, however only during semester time from 08.30hrs – 17.00hrs on Saturdays and 09.00hrs – 15.00hrs on Sundays

36. What are the operating hours for the library?

Semester Time
Monday to Friday: 09.30hrs - 20.30hrs
Saturday: 08.30hrs - 17.00hrs
Sunday: 09.00hrs – 15.00hrs
Vacation Time
Monday – Friday: 08.30hrs – 17.00hrs
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

37. What time are the part-time classes conducted?

Week day 17.30hrs – 20.30hrs
Weekend classes 08.00hrs – 11.00hrs | 11.00hrs – 14.00hrs | 14.00hrs – 17.00hrs
Follow this link for full time tabling information

38. When do long distance students do their residential schools?

Residential School runs for a period of 2 weeks specific days and dates are subject to change. Follow the link to view current dates

39. How are lessons delivered to long distance students?

The distance students attend classes during residential school

40. Do we have to pay exam fees?

No you do not pay exam fees separately as they are part of the tuition fee

41. Will I be allowed to write my exams without having paid my fees in full?

No, you will not be allowed in to write your examinations as all student fees have to be cleared or paid up in full before examination

42. What do I do if I have forgotten my exam slip or student id?

Visit the academic office and collect another registration form and a student id (at a cost for the ID)

43. How is the academic assessment structured for distance students?

The academic assessment for distance students is as follows:
40% for the continuous assessment comprising of two assignments each carrying 10 marks and 1 test which carries 20 marks, conducted during residential classes.

44. How do I contact my lecturers?

Distance students are always forwarded lecturer contact details at the time of registration, therefore as a distance student, make sure you leave correct contact details.

45. How do I get the learning material from the lecturers?

All learning material is posted onto the student portal by the lecturer; this student account is created for the student upon registration.

46. Are tests and examinations different for distance students?

Examinations are standard for all students; however tests and assignments may differ.

47. What do I do if a lecturer does not send me materials on time?

Make contact with the Distance Learning Dept. As soon as possible (

48. When is the distance calendar available to students?

The distance calendar is available at the beginning of the semester and it can be accessed throughout from the “calendars and timetables” section of the unilus website.

49. What is the withdrawal procedure if I am finding it hard to attend the residential?

In the event that you want to withdrawal, you have to withdrawal well before the mid semester examinations for the full time and part time students. However, a withdrawal after the first assignment has been sent attracts a penalty fee.

50. Can if miss residential classes and still write the exams?

You may miss residential class depending on your leave day’s situation; however, this implies that you miss the class test which amounts to 20 marks of the academic assessment. Therefore, if your C.A does not meet the required pass mark of 50% then the university at its discretion could block you from not writing your final exams.

51. How do I send my assignments after completion?

Email a soft copy to the lecturer as well as sending a hard copy of the same assignment to the University, addressed to the lecturer.

52. Can I attend full time or part time classes?

Yes you can attend classes if you happen to be in Lusaka while the classes are being conducted

53. How do I get the reading material from the library?

Books in hard copy are collected by the student physically from the school library for a specified loan period to be advised by the librarian. Books that are in soft copy are available for the student through storage media such as CD


1. Which one is my student number?

The student number is your personal identification or computer number. It is a combination of your course of study and numerical number. It is found on your registration form or student card (e.g. MSCF3***** or LLB3****)

2. What do I do if my results are not showing on the portal?

When you log onto the student portal, click view results. If you are able to view the course code but no results in the fields (000000) then the lecturer has not uploaded the results. However if you cannot see the course then visit/contact the academic office as you might have not been registered for that course.

3. How do I log into my student portal?

Click student portal at the top right corner of the website ( enter your student number and password. If you are a newly registered student, click the “if you do not have password” link, create a password and proceed to log on.

4. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Contact the IT department on campus

5. I have just registered as a student, do I have an account on the student portal?

Yes you have an account however you need to create a new password to be able to log into your student portal (ref IT related Queries No. 3)

6. I can’t access my assignments or materials under my student portal

If you are able to view all courses under the “view ca” tab, then the materials or assignments have not been uploaded by the lecturer. However if you can’t view the courses then you have not been registered for the particular course.

7. How do I edit my student account details?

Log onto your student portal, click on account details then click Edit

8. How do I change my password?

Visit the IT office with your student card as it can only be changed by the admin

9. How do I access the wireless facility on campus?

Visit the IT office at the Pioneer campus for all internet or campus hotspot related queries