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School of Law

History of the school

The School of Law was inaugurated in the year 2008 and was the pioneer in terms of offering undergraduate programs for the University of Lusaka. The Bachelor of Laws degree offered by the University has enjoyed popularity over the years since it incorporates modern day challenges faced by the legal fraternity in Zambia.

The Programme

The UNILUS Bachelor of Law Degree Programme is the first of its kind to be offered to law candidates in Zambia and is designed to meet the ever growing legal challenges likely to be faced by a lawyer wishing to pursue his/her legal career in Private Practice, Government and Statutory Bodies, Corporate or Business world, International Organizations as well as those who wish to study law in order to assist them pursue their personal endeavours. Besides, the UNILUS LLB Degree Programme incorporates new law courses which have never been offered before to law candidates in Zambia but which UNILUS strongly feels are essential for lawyers the ever changing social, economic and political landscape.