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Campus Life

The Pioneer Campus is home to the University of Lusaka which houses modern state-of-the-art buildings and other facilities, which include: Aside from this, the campus engulfs many other “student building” activities such as football, rugby, debate, public lectures by organizations and successful scholars in the local and international society and fellowship groups or societies. Many of these clubs can be joined as at the time of registration with the University student union or throughout the semester as well.

Most activities from these societies are always put up by way of display on the notice boards, therefore, while studying at the University do make it a habit to check the notice boards every time you visit the campus as class room notices are publicised in this way as well.

Having Personal or Educational Problems??

The university has a student counsellor and a student mentor that are role models for the university. They uphold all University policy and procedure, they assist students in navigating through difficult situations throughout the course of the semester, they maintain good academic and judicial standing, and they act as a resource for new students in providing information about academics, co-curricular activities and student involvement. During your study at Unilus, get to know and interact with the student counsellor and school mentor.

Hungry and Need to Grab a Quick Bite?

For food lovers, on campus, there is a cafeteria which prepares scrumptious meals throughout the day to allow for the students, staff and the general public to satisfy their food cravings regardless of time or class schedules. There is a wide variety of foods and refreshments to choose from so while on campus do visit the school cafeteria at the Knowledge Fields block.